With Special Guests

Die Auslanders

Sunday, June 24th

Buffalo River Fest Park, Buffalo

The Wurst Party in Buffalo is back!

The German-American Musicians annual festival is fast becoming an integral part of Buffalo’s cultural festival scene, celebrating the traditional food, drink, and music of the Bavarian region of Germany. Originally established in the 1960s, Wurstfest! has undergone a rebranding and reintroduction, leading to a resurgence of the event for a whole new audience at its new home, Buffalo River Fest Park.

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Wireless Zone
Swan Market
Life O' Wood
Dietrich Funeral Home
Scharf's German Restaurant
Spring Garden

Spring Garden Association

Volkswagon German
Frank Wailand Associates, Inc
Buffalo Schwaben Chor
Schnitzel & Co: Swiss German Pub
SGTV Edelweis Buffalo

S.C. Germania Sports & Athletics

Buffalo Riverworks
Official Afterparty!
Bavarian Specalties
Rheinblick German Restaurant
Erie County, New Yok

Program funded in part through the generosity of the County of Erie