The German-American Musicians

Buffalo's BIG German Band!

Who We Are

The German American Musicians are known as Buffalo’s Big German Band, but we are so much more than just a band! 


We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit cultural organization dedicated to the cultivation and performance of the traditional music and culture of  German-speaking lands.

Our standard four-hour show features four sets of traditional German waltzes, polkas, marches, folk music, Rheinlanders, modern pop and more.  Our dance squad gets any crowd onto the dance floor, teaching them a variety of simple dances. 


We color our performances with historical backstories and geography to some songs, and with comedy to others.  We’ll even cart in our Schlagzeug, complete with an anvil. 


We’ll work your keg tapping and stein-hoisting competitions into the program, or anything else you want to include. We’re flexible and adaptive – anything to create an experience that will bring your crowd back next year. 


Contact our business manager today to find out how we can bring the party to you!

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